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Your trademark application will be managed by an experienced in-house Australian Registered Trademark Attorney.

Continuing Support

Throughout the life of your trademark, from filing to registration and renewal, Trademarkify Trademark Attorneys are on standby to assist.

Cost Effective

Leveraging off intelligent software, Trademarkify is able to offer cost effective trademark filing, without compromising on quality. Our software automates the goods and services classification and class-based availability searching, saving you time and money.

Strong Protection

Each trademark application filed through Trademarkify is reviewed by a Registered Australian Trademarks Attorney giving your application the best chance of registration and broad scope of protection.


Trademark in Australia and Internationally


The Trademarkify Advantage

Trademark around the world

With Trademarkify, you can file your trademark both in Australia and internationally in more than 93 countries around the world.

We're Trade Marks Attorneys

Have peace of mind that your application is being handled by a trained Trade Marks Attorney having extensive trademark experience. Learn More

We're leaders in filings

Trademarkify is one of Australia leaders in trademark filings given our leading filing platform and many repeat clients.

We're fast

We fast track applications through examination, being especially advantageous if you need to bring a product to the market quickly.

We guarantee registrability

We're the only Trade Marks Attorneys who guarantee your application will be registrable or we'll file another for you without our fee. Learn More

We're guarantee our pricing

We're guarantee our pricing: if you find a comparable service who performs a similar level of service, we'll beat their price. Learn More

We don't autosubmit

Some online operators use "instant-file" software to auto-submit your application directly to the government database without review, compounding problems. We don't.

We don't outsource

We don't outsource our work to external attorneys for a fee cut like others. This way you always know whose responsible for your trademark and that your attorney is being adequately remunerated.

Capped Fees

We're truly fixed cost - we don't charge extra for exam reports which may lead to "cost blowout". All our fixed cost fees are calculated up front and clearly displayed prior to filing.

Rocket DocketTM

Our advanced docketing system monitors the status of your application in near realtime so that you know the status of your application long before the official snail mail arrives.

Enhanced examination

We use an enhanced examination process, allowing us to resolve problems with the government examiner through an interview process right at the time of filing.

Free Search Report

Our sophisticated filing software uses intelligent cross-class searching to compile real-time search reports, allowing you to instantly determine the availability of your trademark.


How it works


Client Stories

The Melbourne Magic Festival®

When competitors started to copy us, and the examiner said he wouldn't accept our application because it was too descriptive, Trademarkify helped adduce evidence that the Melbourne Magic Festival is, in fact, the largest magic festival in the world, and got our trademark registered.

Tim Ellis - Owner, Magic Unlimited

In defence of SVS® Auto

Our successful family owned business received a letter of threatened legal action for trademark infringement. Trademarkify defended us and we've now registered our name and logo so this can never happen again.

Liz Holman - Owner, Special Vehicle Services

Big Bale®

We received a cease and deist letter from a competitor of ours demanding we stop selling our products in Australia. Luckily Trademarkify were able to get our trademark registered by showing that we had in fact been using the trademark first.

Janise Crossing – Owner®

We had problems during the examination of our trademark application but Trademarkify were able to get our trademark registered by showing evidence of the very specialised nature of our virtualized cloud infrastructure services.

Stefan Gillard – CEO

Compare our Pricing

Total Trademark Registration Costs Trademarkify Fee Govt. fee no GST
Fixed Application Fee $380 ex GST $200 no GST
Fixed Acceptance Fee $300 ex GST $130 no GST
Search Fee Included
Review Included
Exam report costs None
Registered Trademark Attorneys Included
Free online search report Included
Cross-class Search Included
Legal classification Included
Legal classification Costing Included
Prefiling Review Included
Registration Guarantee Included
Expedited Exam Available
Privacy protection Avalable
Fixed Cost Included
Rocket Docket TM Included

There are no further fees to pay for your Australian application (Unless you require us to prove to the examiner that your trademark is not descriptive or to circumvent an earlier filed trademark). Unlike traditional trade marks attorneys, as we use a pre-filing registrability screening process, your application won't receive an adverse examination report, meaning there is no cost blowout during the examination process.

We also offer a registration guarantee, wherein, if your trademark is refused by the examiner, you can file another trademark without our fee, playing only the govt. re-exam fee of $120 per class.

No other Australian trademark filing software is as simple to use or as thorough as the Trademarkify trademark filing software.

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